The Urban Garden  (Den Urbane Have) _ 2010

The Urban Garden is a public commission made for the Danish Art Council at  Professionshøjskolen Metropol, Nørrebro Copenhagen.

The garden is covering two groups of small hills paved with sett paving.The choice of plants is directly determined by the vegetation growing on a nearby wasteland site. All species on the site are registered and collected as seeds in a seed bank, installed inside the campus. Of the total amount of 124 species 58 are selected and used in the garden. The species consist of a mixture between weeds, wild plants and strayed plants. Highest point for the garden is approx 1,75 m. Total area; 250 m2.

Location: Professionhøjskolen Metropol, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Realized for The Danish Arts Foundation.