Black Box Garden _ 2011

Black Box Garden is a project, that took place between April to November 2011 at Krøyers Plads, a wasteland site situated in central Copenhagen (Denmark) by the harbour. The site has been empty since 2004. The project was to cultivate a garden on the site, made out of existing vegetation and materials found on the site. In high season I did a couple of hours work in the garden everyday and afterwards wrote about the experiences and the day’s work in a logbook. Through the gardening on the site I investigated the place as a public space and the use of it towards a building process planned to take place in authumn 2012.The project maped out as well the diversity of the plant species growing on the most expensive and contentious wasteland site in Copenhagen in recent years, as well as observes the many interests involved in this particular place. The list of species counts 92 different kinds and is a ’Black Box’ of this site, a recording of what has taken place here over the last period of time and what has had an influence on the development of the vegetation; between year 2001 and ’04 an artificial beach was made on the site in relation to a cafe;That sand introduced some plants unusual to a site like this, and also has had a great impact on the way things have been growing and developed here.

Black Box Garden is a collaboration between the Danish art organisation, ’Contemporary Art in Public Spaces, ’Publik’. The logbook is published on a blog hosted by ’Public’, see www.publik.dk/blackboxgarden.html

The logbook came out as a publication  in English in 2014:

Black Box Garden, Camilla Berner
Copenhagen, Denmark: Publik, 2014
Dimensions: 15,2 x 21,6 cm
Cover: hardback                                                                                         
Color: full color throughout
Edition size: 300
ISBN:  978-87-997365-0-8

Text: English

Price: Dkr 150 (plus delivery)

Interested in a copy write cb@camillaberner.dk  or get a copy at Half Letter Press. http://www.halfletterpress.com